leavesGreen Festival: A Festival like no other though primarily designed to embrace green technology and promote a safe environment. During the festival which was used to create awareness of a safe environment, some of their events as recovered from the wayback machine included:

We will again recycle, reuse or compost 100% of any waste generated.

We have offset our power usage 100% with enviromentally friendly sources.

We use REAL cutlery, plates and cups in our cafe!

The festival area is prepared in a sustainable fashion with no weedkillers, fertilizers, or any other dangerous chemicals used at any time of the year.

We use local organic foods wherever possible when not using home grown foods.

“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” —Lady Bird Johnson

Holly Holly
What happened to this festival?

Megan Megan
Looks like something went amiss during the event.

Jessica Jessica
Does the reviving of this site mean that the festival is back.

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And who is working the site back to life.

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Maybe it is some maniac obsessed with the festival



This used to be their address.

The Green Festival
274 Girvan Road, Clairville,
New Brunswick. CANADA


The Green Festival – Our Principles

When we started The Green Festival we kept going off at tangents, so we decided to set out our principles to help guide our decision making.

We hate the negative way many people go through life and felt we needed a festival that celebrated positive steps and visions for the future. It may be to help people eat better, or save money on bills, but fundamentally it provides steps each person can take to solve some of today’s problems. We also decided that the festival had to be mutually inclusive whether looking at age, race, sex or cultural background.

We have a beautiful environment of 500 acres to showcase the best that New Brunswick, and beyond, has to offer and every year we do just that based on:-

The Festival Message:-

‘A Celebration of Community, Music and Ecology.’

Our Principals behind our Festival:-

Family Fun Day Out AND Save Money!!!
Green is now affordable.
Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle.
Using Alternative Energy Sources.
Organic Products.
Natural Products.
Fair Trade.
Buy Local.
Live Music.

Plus the multi-cultural New Brunswicker approach.

Every year we go back to these principles to ensure we stay on the right path. We are not aligned to any political party.


For 2009 the Green Festival will highlight positive steps and visions for the future, featuring a full spread of natural, organic and local products coupled with many practical and affordable eco-friendly energy saving items and suppliers.


We have some great vendors and booths at the festival and we always try to find new and exciting things for people to see and learn about. There is no restriction to products or organizations we accept, however priority will be given to those with an environmental, organic, natural, local or positive edge.


Events change regularly. We run as many as we can and rely heavily on volunteers for this. We have hundreds of ideas for more events and will add more as our list of volunteers grows through the year.

Many of these extra events and entertainment are proposed and voted on in our forum…

If you have an event you would like to run please contact us…


Sunrise Ceremony
Smash & Grab Game
Sack Race
Three-legged Race
Fancy Dress Competition
Drum Circles
Chill Out Hammock Zone
Fancy Dress Race
Bird House Competition
Bird Feeder Competition
Scarecrow Competition
Bug House Competition
Chainsaw Sculpting
Unicorn Rides
Face Painting
PC Huts
Geocache Trail
Nearest the Pin Golf
Kids Craft Corner
Wishing Trees
Information Centre

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Did someone read all that text above.

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I’m also wondering what it is all about.

Hector Hector
It is something to do with the preparation and activities of the green festival


There were also several bands playing at the event.

When I found out this dropped domain, I decided to recreate content which pertains environmental sensitivity. I’ve created several post about the same and published them. Though the website is still under construction, meaning that more content will be uploaded soon. The already published content is great for reading and I hope that you will be happy with the content published. Be sure to come back soon and check more interesting posts which I will have published.